Wk13 – Extra Credit – Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing

2015-04-28 01.49.49

As I read Christian Posada’s Musical Drawing blog, I listened to one of my favorite songs at the moment, closed my eyes, and drew straight lines and swirly lines for 30 seconds. Afterwards, I used four colors to fill in the gaps until I was satisfied with my drawing. 

I listened to the song Bad by David Guetta. The zigzags in the middle is the beat from the beginning of the song. Every time the song had singing, it would have straight lines. Every time I sensed action in the song, depending on what type of action it was, it turned out to be a curve or a corner.

I thought that this procedure was really fun especially because it involved music. Doing this activity between stressful tasks was relieving because I listened to music instead of just hearing it as normal background music. I felt the way the song gave out it’s action.


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