Wk12 – Classmate Interview – Kyle Dinsmore

image1On Thursday in the courtyards I got to interview Kyle Dinsmore! I had previously interviewed Matt Do, and the both of us were in the Marily Werby Gallery as I was telling him that I needed someone to interview. Matt introduced me to his friend Kyle and we interviewed each other outside of the gallery. I found out that Kyle is a business major and is a second year here at Cal State Long Beach. He said he isn’t exactly sure what he wants to do yet, but possibly something to do with management, such as managing a hotel. He said that was something that he would possibly enjoy.

Kyle is from Fountain Valley, and when I found that out I asked him why he picks to come here to CSULB. He said it was between Fullerton or Long Beach, but he decided he would rather be by the beach. Also, he said that when he saw the rec center, that’s what really sold him. When he toured it he said that everyone was super nice and talked about how much they loved ‘the beach.’ I agree with Kyle and said, how could you not want to be going to school right by the beach?! We began to talk about how much we both love the beach and just being outdoors. Kyle said that he wants to learn to surf, but I think I scared him with my story about how many stingrays I’ve seen. I really enjoyed interviewing Kyle and I’m glad I got to know him a little bit better by this interview!


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