Wk12 – Artist Interview – Piet Eppinga

This week at the art galleries, I saw an incredible artists work. Piet Eppinga created beautiful structures with very vivid and meaningful ideas. He has played with clay ever since he was a child. It’s great to see that he has continued this as his pieces reflect his passion, skill, and talent with this medium. I was able to witness his love for the art from his descriptions of each piece. Eppinga exerted so much enthusiasm and excitement to share his pieces and ideas.
Each piece reflected roles of the family and the feelings behind them. This picture on the left is one in particular that caught my attention. Eppinga’s description of it even more so caught my attention. He described it as the role of the mother, father, husband, wife, and child. That we will all position ourselves within these roles when time comes. Both heads are combined t show that in marriage both can get lost and find them selves a one and a whole. However, there is a small gap to represent that they are still their own person.
Many other pieces in his gallery were so well thought out. There was not one piece with a small meaning. Each could be interpreted in many positive ways and that’s a really good trait. One piece that also stood out, was the piece describing women and their ability to produce a child. The hole beneath her contained a stone in which was interpreted as the center of the universe, where life happens, just like a baby’s life begins within the womb.
I loved the pieces! Eppinga did an incredible job and I really enjoyed seeing his strong passion.



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