Wk12 – Activity – Algorithmic


Think inside the lines. This week’s activity is Algorithmic art, which is art expressed by a series of instructions.

My mom always told me ways to do things to stuff, for instance instead of buying shredded jeans, I can do it myself.

After watching numerous YouTube videos, I realized, I can shred pants easily.

Here’s are the steps.

1. Go to the thrift store

2. Find jeans fits

3. Pay for the jeans

4. Find sandpaper, tweezers, cheese grater (if wanted)

5. Place a board inside the jeans to prevent distressing back side

6. Use sandpaper to distress to the desired amount

7. Use tweezers to pick any unwanted threads

8. Wash the jeans to finish look!

I enjoyed doing this activity because it is something I really care about. Plus, I got some jeans out of it! I am ready to wear these all the time, and complete my outfit and style! I really like how fashion relates to art and my personality. I also love how interchangeable it can be, one day you’re this and the next day you’re that. That correlates to the different paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of artwork artists showcase based on their different emotions. Overall, I was really glad to experience this algorithmic art, and learn about the other examples of it!


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