Wk11 – Classmate Interview – Valeria Garcia

img_3446This week I interviewed an awesome girl named Valeria Garcia. She is 20 years old and lives in the huge city of Long Beach. She commutes everyday to school and says she hates the traffic in the mornings. It makes her get up about an hour before she really needs to and forces her to be at school about an hour before her class even starts. That must suck when your staying up late doing homework and having to get up earlier then necessary.. But Valeria says she’s used to it because this is her 2nd year doing it. She is majoring in Business Finance and is scheduled to graduate in four years. I give her props for that one. Most students stay at the minimum of five years, so you go girl! She says that school is extremely important to her and her family. Also her upcoming new husband! Valeria has recently gotten engaged to her boyfriend of three years. This is pretty impressive I think. Having a lasting relationship in college and some of high school doesn’t really happen that often. In the mean time before she graduates she is working at Hof’s Hut to earn some extra money and probably her wedding too. She also gave me a word of advice. NEVER WORK AT SUBWAY! I always thought subway was cool before she explained all the horrible things they made her do. I asked well maybe it was just that specific place, and she went on telling me NO she worked at THREE different ones. So I guess I won’t be working at Subway any time soon.. Ohh and fun fact! Valeria has a Twin sister! They are really close, like most twins, and says to talk her almost every day.

I hope nothing but the best for Valeria and her future endeavors! It was nice meeting you if you’re reading this, and keep in touch.


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