Wk11 – Artist Interview – Gabriel Garcia

wpid-2015-04-19-21.29.11.png.pngThis was such a powerful gallery. Initially it impacted me a lot. I wasn’t sure what I felt, but the way everything was set up was intense. I thought it was a girl who did these pieces, and was sort of surprised to find out it was a man! Generally men are not advocates for women’s rights. I thought it put a cool twist on the idea of women’s rights. I liked these pieces because they were so bold. I wonder why there was no color in any of them. My favorite piece said “Don’t ___ like a girl.” I’ve actually seen commercials about this. Not doing things like a girl has such negative connotation. I don’t want to rant about women’s rights, but I did think it was powerful to show how negatively people view how girls do things. Now that I’ve processed the art, maybe there was no color because dark colors are usually serious and this is a serious topic. Someone asked the artist if he had thought about letting the pieces stand alone. Garcia replied by saying that some pieces could stand alone, but they are a collection of pieces that have a much stronger impact if they are together. I agree actually. If the pieces were individual, the message could be misconstrued. I liked the way the gallery was set up. I liked the banners across the top because it was different. Most art pieces that aren’t sculptures are on square canvases. I also noticed how raw the drawings were. I was able to see the little mistakes that were erased. I liked it. It made the drawings seem honest, if that makes sense. I liked the gallery this week. It was thought provoking.



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