Wk10 – Classmate Interview – Summer Morgan

img_8029This week in Art 110 I had the opportunity to talk with the wonderful Summer Morgan. Summer is actually in my Comparative World Literature class, but unfortunately we have never had the chance to get to know each other, until now! Summer is in her first year just like me. She is from a small town up North called Orcutt. We found out that our dorms are right next to each other, she lives in Los Cerritos and I live in Los Alamitos.

Summer is majoring in Psychology here at Cal State Long Beach. She loves to shop, and hangout on Lake Nacimiento, and go boating with her friends. Summer is an obsessive Netflix watcher just like myself. She’s nearly watched every TV series on there, nothing to be ashamed of! But here favorites were Gossip Girl and Parks and Recreation. She thought Parks and Rec was absolutely hilarious, so I told her to watch Broad City, which is produced by Parks and Rec star Amy Poehler.

Unfortunately, Summer has decided to head home next year and attend a junior college nearby. She says that it is hard being so far from home, family, and friends. Something I can completely understand, and I only live 10 minutes away from home. Summer plans on going to junior college, and hopefully transferring to Cal Poly San Lois Obispo. I wish Summer the absolute best next year, and I hope to talk to her lots more this semester.


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