Wk10 – Artist Interview – Dawn Urtl

img_8652This weeks art gallery featured the artist Dawn Urtle who displayed her pieces in her art show, which she named Radius of action. Her pieces were breath taking! I’ve never seen anything like it, nor have I heard of this type of art being created. She explained that the outcome of her pieces usually depend on the structure of the ceiling since it’s what she attaches her pieces to when she puts them on display. Urtle was very happy with the way her pieces turned out within this gallery. Her pieces are made of plastic bags and wool. To create all of the pieces in her gallery, it took her about one year to perfect the image she created. As she puts her pieces together and places them on display for her show, she listens to music. The music helps her get in the mood and to make the better decisions for the overall outcome of her pieces. The style shown in her pieces also changes throughout the set up and creation of them. There’s no definite image of how the final pieces will be because her style, mood, and decisions can always change. As she said, her pieces start out structured at first but then progress as time goes on.

One piece in particular displayed the issue with the connections between us and the rest of the world and how we may be affecting it in both positive and negative ways. The negative way being pollution, such as plastic. She informed us of the high problem we are creating by not recycling as the waste does end up on shores and affecting sea life.  I found the deep connections she made to be pretty mind opening. The messages actually spoke in her art work, especially with the materials she chose to create each piece with.

This is actually her last semester at CSULB and is also a graduate in sculpture. I hope that her next steps in her career are just as successful as the what she has been able to accomplish so far. I can see from her pieces, and how delicate she is with them that she has a strong passion for art and appreciates all aspects that may come with it.


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