Wk10 – Activity – Student’s Choice!

2015-03-31 16.25.00 This week, we had the chance to pick an activity of our choice. I didn’t know what to do really. At Michaels’, they had a sale for Art Canvases. I bought three, all for 50% off! I did not know what I was going to do with those canvases until I went on my favorite website, Pinterest. There, I found the Idea of making Picture Canvases.

With pictures I had printed from Costco, I mod-podged the picture onto the canvas’ and then I also mod podged onto of the pictures in order to leave a finished texture. To be honest, I was really hesitant because I’m really not the crafting type of girl. After watching multiple Youtube videos, I was confident enough to try it on my own. The outcome was awesome. They didn’t come out like a kindergartner did it.

I did these picture canvases as a gift to my boyfriend for our anniversary. I thought about keeping them hidden for one more month until our 3 year anniversary, but I was too excited to show them of to him. With some 3M hanging picture strips i got from Target, I hanged them up in his bedroom. Here is the final picture!!

2015-03-31 16.25.52


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