Wk9 – Activity – Architecture and Urban Planning

 If you could change the CSULB campus, how would you change it? This week’s activity, we had to step in the shoes of an architect at CSULB. There is a lot of thought that goes into the innovation of the buildings here at CSULB, and it only makes our campus more unique. Many buildings could use some updates, but for the most part our campus is in pretty good shape. There is always construction going on somewhere around the school, and it’s awesome to be apart of the progress!


I had a fun time drawing the cognitive map because I would say I’m big on doodling. Even though I couldn’t remember a lot of the buildings I drew what was important to me, and where I’m usually located. That being said, I realize that there are a lot of important buildings I’ve missed out on. I have heard of a lot of resources out here on campus, but have never taken advantage of those resources. Now, I realize I should go to those places more often and make use of the facilities that are here for the students!

Redesigning CSULB was also really fun to do! To explain this drawing a little better, I would have the food court or 49er Shops open more. Instead of one single building with restaurants inside, I would make it a more open food court. Places like In-N-Out, Chipotle, etc will be featured, but also options that are catered to being organic and vegan. Everything will be modern and fun with bright colors. I think that will attract more people to this area and make it fun for everyone!


The building I adopted is the Rec Center. It is by far, my favorite building on campus because I love to work out! The innovation and design for this building is amazing! The equipment is state of the art and it is LEED certified, which means it is environmentally conscious. It was built from 2009-2010 with a referendum that passed in 2007. There are many group fitness classes, trainers, and even Well Rested Wednesdays (for those who want to take a nap after class). Many people who work out in this facility love the atmosphere. I go here about 3 days a week and it never fails to disappoint me!


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