Wk7 – Extra Credit – CSULB Art Museum

11I had the opportunity to go to the University Art Museum this week. I probably wouldn’t have ever gone inside if it weren’t for this class. I pass by it every other day so it was great to finally go inside and check it out. Art 110 graduate assistant, Brittany Binder had a tour of her show “Consumed,” where she basically discussed how our environment is being consumed by litter and trash. Throughout many generations, it has been stressed to throw away trash in their rightful bins such as trash, recyclables, etc. Unfortunately, a lot of trash is not being thrown away correctly thus harming our planet and ecosystem. Seeing how these artists turn everyday garbage into art is very inspiring. I love it when people Up-Cycle things.

This exhibition was very powerful with giving light to the impact humans are doing to the Earth and showing this impact by a means of art collections; it contributes to offering “an opportunity to connect with our activities on a tangible level.”


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