Wk7 – Artist Interview – Julliette Angulo


Joining the military has always been a life plan for myself since I was a kid. During High School, I attended JROTC where my passion for the Military grew even more. I would go to Physical Training (PT) with the Army Center here in Lakewood California…. not even a mile away from CSULB. To be an American Solider, no matter what Military Branch, the Individual would have to be “….disciplined, physically and mentally tough…..”. Last Semester, I joined ROTC where I learned more in depth about the US ARMY. Waking up at 0500 for PT was not easy but I saw how It would be like to be in the military because Major Stephenson did not play around. O_O

20150305_105125When I see things of the Military, or just simply seeing the American Flag wave from the breeze, It makes me happy. Seeing Juliette Angulo’s exhibit about , It made me start to think….. My life is my plans…. But if I go along with my plans, what effects would it have on my parents and my siblings?

Juliette exhibit had cut outs of her sister, whom is currently in the Army. These pictures were over a time span of two years and every picture is one that Juliette took herself. She told the class that her and her sister didn’t have a close relationship, but that when her sister left for Basic Training, everything changed. Juliette started thinking of her life and the people in it. Since her sister is based at Texas, Juliette would frequently go to Texas to see her by car! That’s a long road trip. Juliette said that her and her sister Skype on a daily basis, where as before it was difficult to communicate due to not internet connection at the base.

I thought it was interesting how she said she wanted to make her photographs physical by cutting the image of her sister out. I couldn’t quiet get the right name to what feelings she was trying to show, but cutting someone that you love out of pictures is very deep, if you think about it. She told us the hardships of having a loved one in the military and the difficulties of communicating with them when they’re away. Juliette is now realizing that her “sibling rivary” is now coming to an end and that she has to put that aside in order to keep in communication with her little sister.

While being in her exhibit, It made me start to think. Half the reason why I’m not where I am today with my plans is because I cannot imagine myself putting my family through a time where all they think about is “If i’m safe.” as well as putting a great distance between usI remembered the first time I told my mom I talked to a recruiter, she went hysterical and told me I can’t go on with my plans. Soon she came to realize that it is something I really have my heart put out for, and she grew acceptance towards it.

Military families are mentally tough, just like their soldiers.


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