Wk7 – Activity – Landscape With a Corpse

This Activity was one of the ones I couldn’t wait to do this semester. Even though I was anxiously waiting for this activity, I didn’t have nothing planned. So, trying to make the best of things, I asked my I asked my roommate to pose as my corpse. Shockingly, she agreed with it. She seemed more excited about this project than I was.

Taking the picture was hard because living in a dorm, there are people going down the stairs constantly. Every time my roommate was positioned comfortably, someone came down the stairs or wanted to go up the stairs. There were stairs but we really didn’t mind because everyone keeps to themselves anyways.

I really appreciated my roommate helping me. She told me how painful the stairs were and how it didnt look as easy as we thought; I felt sorry but then we laughed about it cause it’s not something we would usually do on a daily basis. This activity was fun and it made the relationship between me and my roommate better. Thanks Glenn.


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