Wk7 – Classmate Interview – Lacey Alaniz


For Week 7, I had the pleasure on meeting Lacey Alaniz. Talking to Lacey was very Interesting. Like me, she dorms here at CSULB. Crazy enough, she actually lives in the building across from me! She told me how she lives in Huntington Beach and how, like me, goes home over the weekend because it’s convenient. Unlike her, I am not able to go home everyday because I don’t drive yet. Lacey is majoring in History but is considering changing to the major of Marketing. Lacey has one sister, who is thirteen. Lana Del Rey is something we have in common as well; We love Lana! What Lacey told me that was very interesting is that she had the opportunity to Travel to England and Paris over the summer; I thought that was amazing because I love England! Lacey thought England was amazing and is currently looking into studying abroad over there soon. Lacey is a very outgoing and friendly person. i hope to talk to her soon and that she accomplish her goals of Majoring in Marketing and Studying abroad in England! Goodluck Lacey!!
It was really nice talking to Lacey,


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