Wk6 – Artist Interview – Emily Babbette

20150226_110550La Vie En Noir…… Life in Black. While wondering around the courtyard, one gallery caught my attention. La Vie En Noir is a exhibit containing charcoal drawings. The artists, Emily Babbette and Romina Del Castillo, decided to do their exhibit with a “Dark Theme”. Emily asked her family and friends to be her models, everything else was not planned. Everything was natural. Emily loves charcoal drawings more than paintings She told me that she does tweek her drawings but that they are minor tweeks. Her drawings took 30-40 hours to complete, each capturing the personality of the individual in the drawings. What I found interesting in this week’s visit to the art gallery was that not all art has a profound meaning; some things are what they are visually, as was the case with Emily’s and Romina’s art. The strong colors, tone, and scenes in the art would make one think that they indeed contained a hidden meaning. It was a pleasure having the opportunity to observe the art created by Romina and Emily and having the opportunity to speak with them and learn a bit about their backgrounds and style. May their art continue to capture the eyes and appreciation of many others in the future.20150226_110507


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