Wk5 – Artist Interview – “Work Hardened” [Group Exhibit]

20150219_112421 (1)

20150219_112004This week, In the Gatov East Gallery, there is the Exhibit called “Work Hardened”. The exhibit looked completely different from all the others exhibits because it wasn’t paintings. This wonderful exhibit was a Group Exhibit, which means there is more than one Artist. Luckily, One of the artist was there to show some of her projects. Brianna Allen spent a semester in Germany, which I think is amazing! Traveling to gain more influences is an amazing opportunity to have. I think its amazing that she spent her time making her projects without limiting herself and her ideas. I did not get the chance to take a picture of her, since she does not like taking pictures, so with respect to her wishes, I did not. Besides Brianna’s work, there were more wonderful things in the exhibits, most looking like jewelry.

The best part of this exhibit was that it was unique in its own way. Work Hardened had its on display of art, and it informed me that even Metal Arts can be art.


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