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CaptureKickstarter is a website where you post up videos to get funded for projects under categories like Food, Crafts, Technology, etc. Kickstarter has amazing videos from people who are trying to get donations, as well as not so great ones. The amazing videos are in high-definition, grabs your connection and proves their dedication and energy through the video provided. The two categories I chose was Technology and Crafts. These two categories interests me and I was wondering what type of videos were up for them.


In the Technology category, I watched two videos called Crystal Wash 2.0 and MicroSSD. Micro SSD is a good idea, but if the problem is having the SD or USB still hooked up to the MAC, then whats the difference with their products? Anyways, I really likes Crystal Wash 2.0. Crystal Wash 2.0 interested me because it’s eco-friendly and reduces the amount of money spent on detergents. What really wheeled me in was they mad a sensor that they put in the balls and through Bluetooth it can alert that their wash is done while also giving them a real-time reading on how clean their clothes actually are. This is amazing! No wonder they’ve got more money than what they asked for.

get more storage easily and cheaply.

Crystal Wash 2.0






In the Crafts category, I picked two videos. These videos are Khakis Bomb Balm and Hand Dyed Yarn. Hand Dyed Yarn wasn’t that interesting. It didn’t really show any significant reason why their product should be funded. Yes it is hand dyed, but there are already yarn manufactures already selling yarn. I really liked Khakis Bomb Balm because she shows enthusiasm throughout her entire video. She gives her purpose for the viewers to fund her project, which is to make it more organic, pure and wholesome. I think was really interesting/important was that she gives her credentials and showing her dedication.

shows her dedication in the video by saying she goes to farms market. she expresses her dedication by giving a purpose to her projects.

Khakis Bomb Balm


Hand Dyed Yarn



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