Wk5 – Classmate Interview – Veronica Gomez


When trying to find someone to interview, I found Veronica Gomez and instantly I knew she was a nice person. She gave out a welcoming vibe and that made me less timid as I approached her. Veronica is a Second Year and she is majoring in Child Development. Veronica’s plan for the future is to be a child Specialist. She is taking this class for her GE’s, like most of us are, and she likes to run! When she told me that she likes to run, I think that was amazing because I love to run as well. Veronica is more sportsy than I am, liking Football and all, but on her free time she rides her bike with her dad down the canal to Seal Beach! Wooo!  Veronica attends CSULB because it is close and she like the calm environment here. I am pleased to meet Veronica because I love meeting more people that are outdoorsy like I am!


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