Wk4 – Classmate Interview – Anissa Torres

IMG_1947Hello again! I met someone new today, her name is Anissa Torres and she’s amazing. Why she’s amazing you ask; She is a very good conservator and she is very Interesting. First things first, she’s a twin! Okay, okay, but she’s the youngest twin and the tallest twin! Ha Twin #1 😛 Anissa is a first year at Cal State Long Beach, like me! 😀 And she’s from North Long Beach, Like me! 😀 Anissa told me what High School she went to, Wilson, and when I told her that I went to Jordan, she told me that she was supposed to go there since that was her home school. It’s crazy how two world might’ve change based off of a single decision. :O Who might’ve know, I could’ve known her if she did go to her home school instead of commuting to Wilson every day for High School.

Anissa told me that for all her years at High School she’s been playing on the Wilson’s soccer team! 😀 When she told me about soccer, you can sense the passion she had for the sport. Anissa doesn’t play anymore. Awww. But her reason is very mature; She stopped what she loved in order to focus on work but mostly school! Now that’s a determined girl! Anissa works at Baskin Robins. While standing on her feet for hours taking people’s order and serving them their ice cream, she sneaks a little sample of the ice cream. LOL. I think it’s funny, because if I worked at an Ice Cream place, I know i would definitely do that as well! Anissa work’s give her a smoothie for her break, but besides all the positive stuff, she said that consistently bending over to pick up tubs of Ice Cream hurts her back. I asked her, what does she do to ease the pain in her back and feet, and she told me “I make my boyfriend rub them!”. Lol. Might as well. Anissa and her boyfriend have been going out for 6 months. They’ve been “dating” three months before. She told me how she took him to prom as a friend, and that after prom, something grew between them, which lead to them being together 6 months down the road.

Anissa and I connect on Music mostly, both of us listen to everything but mostly rock. Rock has different Genres, so that’s where we become different. Anissa and I love KROQ! Anissa like the Rock between 1990 and the early 2000’s. Besides talking about Music, soon we started talking about a picture from the Grammies, and next thing you know we’re on a rant about Kim K. Unlike her, I do not watch Keeping up with the Kardasians; I just couldn’t get into that show. She told me what they did in the shows and how that basically all of them are Materialistic, buying expensive shoes and clothes. I just don’t understand…. never will.

On another topic, Anissa chose CSULB because it was close. She is Undeclared but she wants to be in the Medical Field; ideally, she would like to be a Sports Therapist. Being a student that is Undeclared about her major, Anissa doesn’t really know what she plans to do for the future. Right now she’s focusing on her GE’s but soon she’ll be in the Major she loves.

I am very lucky that I met Anissa today, and I hope that everything goes good for her in the future!



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