Wk4 – Performing Arts & New Media

GoBeach2_000IMG_0920_3After Interviewing Daniel Rivera, my friend and I were brainstorming on what to do for this weeks Activity. I was thinking of taking a picture in a tree, but that seemed to easy. So I had the Idea of going into the Lyman Lough Fountain in front of Brotman Hall and taking a picture in it. That was easy but at 4pm, there were still people at the Turn Around, which meant I had an audience. Which sucked. When we reached the fountain, I took my shoes and socks off. I wondered how deep the fountain was, so I placed my arm in. It was a arm length deep!  While doing that, I also felt how cold the water was. While rolling up my leggings to knee height, I started chickening out. I already passed the point of no return by taking off my shoes and socks, so I just went in. Going more to the center in the fountain, It got freezing cold and more people started staring. Passers-by started taking pictures as I squeaked at my friend to hurry up and take the picture. It was so cold. I was freezing so I didn’t feel like actually taking pictures for the blog. At the end, I decided “I didn’t get in for nothing!“, so i smiled for the camera. My friend caught this picture of me flipping my hair, freezing while flashing a slight smile. He captioned it “Fabulously Freezing”. I’m glad I did this, because I always wanted to do this and I wasn’t going to wait all the way to graduation for this! This Activity showed me that i do have huevos to do things but the only thing that hold me back is thinking what other people would think. And practically, by being in college, and having assignments that pushes my comfort zone, I wont gaf anymore! 😀 Thanks Glenn and Mina!


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