Wk3 – Social Photography

 Throughout the day, our assignment was to take at least 4 pictures and post them up tagging #art110s15. On the page, I saw people taking pictures of their commute  to school, their food, their bedrooms, their pets, their friends, and their adventure throughout their busy lives. While tagging, I figured out a dilemma that some post were not able to be seen by the class if our accounts were on private. I figured this out because I made a specific account for the assignment and I could not see a picture my sister and friend put on the page. I went on my original page and discovered that they could not be viewed on my new IG because in order to view them, I had to be following them first. At 11pm, I had the chance to see the post of my classmates at it’s final hour. This was a great Activity overall. I got to see the difference and the similarities between all the classmates who’ve posted pictures. One picture can tell a lot about the person who posted it.

Looking through the pictures, I’ve picked two posts that I can connect to.

Becoming an student in the Major of Engineering requires me to basically live at the Engineering Campus on Lower Campus. When I saw the Vivian Engineering Center in the Newsfeed, I thought “Cool! Someone else in this class is majoring in Engineering!!” When I saw @J94p‘s caption “One of my 3 homes. Vivian Engineering Center @CSULB #art110s15”, I laughed because It’s true. The Engineering Campus has 3 buildings and each of them I know I’ll be living in down the line as well. Engineering is a difficult major, and knowing that he considers the VEC as “home” means he’s hardworking and is putting those late hours at our campus to achieve greatness! Goodluck @J94P!

Starbucks is life.” Lol. Seeing Starbucks on Instagram always make me want one. Being a Starbucks addict, I am overly obsessed with anything of starbucks. By seeing @natsukifukayama’s post, I knew she liked Starbucks as well.  I hope that one day, I can meet @natsukifukayama in person and enjoy Starbucks together after class one day 🙂


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