Wk3 – Artist Interview – Ian Robertson Salt

Many incredible pieces were previewed this week at the SOA Galleries. One show that caught my attention were the pieces displayed by “Get on the Wall: A Young California Squad” in the Werby Gallery. Get on the Wall does not only consist of young artists from the area of Long Beach but from many regions of California as well. The art they chose to display on the walls are some that they think are their best and the ones they know they can talk about with great passion. The level of artistic ability was very high in the Werby Gallery. Compared to the other galleries, the painting in the Werby Gallery showed a wonderful art piece and the story that comes along with it.20150205_115220_1


The artist that I interviewed this week was Ian Robertson Salt. When I first saw the drawing “The Order of Life”, i noticed that it stood out right away. What stood out most about his drawing was the deer in the dead center of his charcoal masterpiece. The drawing itself stood out more than the others in the gallery because it was the biggest! Hanging at the size of 92″ x 42″, “The Order of Life” is a drawing of Charcoal on Paper. Previewing it on Tuesday Afternoon, It had me wondering what it meant. At first I saw the deer, and then when I actually stopped to process the drawing, I realized that the deer and all the other animals were in the woods, and that below was a drawing of a city or a factory. What had me question the drawing was mostly the circles at the top of the drawing, I had no clue what it symbolized.

Everyday, I looked at the picture of the drawing on my phone. Every time I went to the galleries on my free time, the artist was always nowhere to be seen. On Thursday, I finally got to meet the artist of the miraculous drawing! After the first half of class, Ian finally came to the gallery. As he walked in, I soon noticed that I was not the only one that his drawing had an impact on. A group of classmates soon swarmed him, quickly forming a circle around him and his masterpiece. There, Ian began to talk. He describe to us that this drawing was originally 3 drawings complied together for his Advanced Drawing class. This drawing is his biggest one he has ever done and he did it right here on campus in the studios. As a student at LBSU, Ian is Majoring in Painting and Drawing as well as Minoring in Native American Culture. Since he was little, Ian has always been drawing but he considers painting more than drawing. Curious of why the deer was his focal point, I soon realized that he loves to draw animals and that they are his default. He soon started to talk about his drawing.

As I thought, the middle is the woods and the bottom is a factory. But he began to tell the more in depth story behind it. Ian drew this painting to identify the three stages of life. He has the Heavens, The In-Between, and the Underworld. In the “In-Between“, Ian indicates that the nature and animals represent the purity of life and the Earth. But two things from the “In-Between”, the snake and the wateralso represents the transition between from that stage of life to the “Underworld”. “The Underworld” represents the polluted man-made industrial world that kills the Earth’s purity and beauty. And lastly, the circles on the top of the drawing were ‘eyeballs’ which represented “The Heavens“.

For Week 3, I had the great opportunity of meeting Ian Robertson Salt, viewing his drawing “The Order of Life” as well as viewing other drawings/paintings from the other artist in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. These young artist are very talented for their age and they’ve really set the bar for younger artists.


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