Wk3 – Classmate Interview – Serena Carvajal

FullSizeRenderHi guys! Every Thursday we get the chance on meeting new classmates we don’t usually get to meet in the Lecture class on Tuesdays because, well, the class is BIG! This week, I was lucky enough to meet Serena Carvajal! Serena is a wonderful girl! She is easy to talk to because she is very confident at talking and with her, she always knows what to say to keep the conversation going! Serena is a Civil Engineering Major here at Long Beach State.  She chose LB State because it’s close to home. She enjoys 80’s pop and loves spending time with her family, friends and boyfriend Gilbert. Her favorite movie is also White Chicks! This year, she dorms on campus and has the opportunity to go home on the weekends because Long Beach is her home. While talking to Serena, the things she told me admitted that she is very ambitious on creating a perfect life for herself in the future. Already, Serena has been in a Intern position at the Port of Long Beach and is doing everything to help her get where she wants to go. Besides building connections at the Port, During High School she joined the ACE Mentorship Program gaining Engineers as her Mentor. Even though it clearly seems like Serena does not need any help at all, she still goes out of her way and find it to ensure herself that she’s on track with school and life. Serena also enjoys the outdoors. Last year, she ran many small races and completed her very first Marathon, and she love it all!

I am glad I met Serena this week. Learning about her and hearing the connections we both share makes me think we can become great friends this year. I am also glad I met someone who is majoring in Engineering so we can both endure the horrific pain of being an Engineering Major together. To whoever is reading, make a new friend and Interview Serena! You won’t regret it.

Check out Serena’s page by clicking the picture! 🙂


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